About the Jobri Center

Patients of Midtown West Medical: If you are looking for information about the practice and/or Dr. Kimball Johnson, please visit her blog for the latest updates.

The core of the online cleanse, developed by Drs. Johnson and Brittain, (see details here: http://www.jobricenter.com/?p=1306) is our recommended plant-based nutritional program designed to shed sugar, toxins and unrealized allergens from from your body; target engrained attitudes that block your progress; overcome barriers to exercise; and learn to take a technological detox — medically supervised/moderated by Dr. Mary and  Dr Kimball Johnson, an experienced and nationally respected physician.

Who Can Benefit From Our Program?

So many of us are taking more prescription medications than ever before, yet not feeling any better. The Jobri Center is an opportunity to go to metabolic school!  You’ll learn how to take back control, restore health and lessen the need for prescription drugs. Our program can help those with cancer, pre-cancer or any of the many lifestyle diseases: diabetes, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, obesity, gout, fibromyalgia, fatigue, allergies, rashes, migraines, IBS, hormonal issues, breast, prostate, bone and joint issues, sinus and respiratory issues, autoimmune diseases, depression and many others.

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Dr. Mary heads up the online portion of the cleanse as well as in office consults and nutritional blood analysis. She also offers inspiration and education on the Jobri Blog. Please read and join in!

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